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300 people gathered for the Startup Champions Seednight organized by Venturelab and EPFL Alumni. 19 startups pitched. The jury selected Aspivix as winner. 04/05/2018

Insights, announcements and a 3d concrete printer

At some events, the networking breaks are more interesting than the programme. This was definitely not the case at the Startup Champions Seed Night held in Lausanne on Wednesday. Insights from a successful founder, an announcement by Swisscom Ventures, a pitching competition and the ceremony of the Isabelle Musy Award made it a worthwhile event.

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Dix start-up suisses spécialisées dans les sciences de la vie s’envolent pour Boston 02/05/2018

Alors qu’elles s’affrontent ce soir à l’EPFL dans le cadre de la Startup Champions Seed Night, 10 startup investies dans les sciences de la vie se préparent à une semaine intensive de travail à Boston fin mai.

Venturelab a sélectionné ses 10 «Venture Leaders Life Sciences» parmi 70 candidats avec comme objectif principal de les aider à se développer à l’international.

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Aspivix awarded with Horizon 2020 SME Instrument stage 1 09/04/2018

Vacuum Medical Device for Safe and Gentle Cervix Grasping Gynecological Applications

For years, gynecologist practices related to Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) insertions, curettage and several other common indications, have featured poor care and low attention to female patients...

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Aspivix selected to be one of the 10 Venture Leaders Life Sciences 2018 in Boston 05/04/2018

Venture Leaders show the innovative power of the Swiss life sciences sector

Ten new startups have been selected to become the next Venture Leaders Life Sciences 2018. The team will embark on a fully packed one-week roadshow in Boston in a few weeks...

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Aspivix awarded with Venture Kick Stage 1 15/12/2017

Four new startups pass Venture Kick stage 1

Every year, 65 million obstetric and gynaecological treatments require access to the uterus. The standard use of Tenaculum forceps may be painful as well as traumatic and pose a risk of cross-contamination...

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Aspivix selected among the 4 EVC finalist 2017 10/10/2017

Congrats! @Monito @SWISSto12 #Aspivix #Comphya selected as EVC finalists #AHVF17 | Good luck for finals in December in Duesseldorf!

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Aspivix shortlisted with 15 other start-ups by the W. A. de Vigier foundation board 22/02/2017

The startup has developed “ASPIVIX”, a single-use simple suction pad technology for tenaculum to minimise pain for the women during the gynecologist’s visit...

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Aspivix nominated among the eight finalist of ZKB Pioneerpreis 2017 04/01/2017

Nominees for the Pionierpreis 2017 are…

Aspivix SA is a Medtech start-up developing medical instruments to innovate women’s healthcare. The startup has developed a medical device “ASPIVIX”, a new and simple suction pad technology for tenaculum, to turn painful and traumatic common gynaecological practices into gentle ones...

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L’alternative à la pince de Pozzi 18/05/2015

ASPIVIX. La start-up lausannoise développe un instrument pour les actes médicaux les plus courants en gynécologie.

Une start-up lausannoise recherche des investisseurs pour lancer un instrument gynécologique offrant une alternative sans danger pour les actes médicaux les plus courants. Le marché est estimé à 400 millions de francs par an, avec une demande chinoise potentiellement élevée.

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